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☽☯✞halloween - past and present✞☯☾

Really spontaneously, we decided to go to a Halloween party on Sunday night. I threw together my costume in 15 mins.

Usually when I have a little more time, more effort goes into my costumes. BUT I always try to use homemade costumes, because they are much more fun. For bonus Halloween cheer, here are some past costumes. 

The party we went to last night was held by a boutique vintage store in town. They were celebrating their 6th anniversary too. 

Happy Halloween friends x


Micaela // Drifter and the Gypsy said...

That is a seriously impressive costume for 15 minutes of prep time!

ellery-jayne said...

thanks micaela~ luckily I have an arsenal of things like wigs and kimonos at my disposal ;) by the way, your blog is lovely!