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Sakura super post - part 1

Favourite time of the year is here! The sun is shining, the blossoms are out and this year I don't have the dreaded influenza! Yeah! 

Here are some snaps from the past two days, when Fukuoka's cherry blossoms started to bloom. Tomorrow we are going on another sakura adventure so I thought I should post these photos now incase I lose track of things. I promise to write more later, but I can tell you one thing: even after four years, the experience of sakura in Japan has not even slightly lost its impact. I know how lucky we are to be experiencing this magic, I will never forget it in days to come. 

Now, to the photos. First off, we took a morning walk to Atago Shrine yesterday morning, and the sakura were coming along nicely.

After some lunch we headed out to Nishi Koen and found a nice, quiet spot in the aptly named "Sakura Valley". Here we listened to Sufjan Stevens' new album on our mini speakers, ate fruit salad and looked up a a sky full of blossoms. Not in full bloom yet, but still bewitchingly pretty. 

We then moved over to Ohori Park, where we bumped into friends and shared the picnic blanket and some chats before heading home. 

Today I set off on my bike solo, as Kam was working. Taking the backroads to Maizuru Koen, I passed Torikai Hachimangu shrine on the way. 

The moat area of the Fukuoka castle ruins/Maizuru Koen is one of the most spectacular and popular sakura spots. Today I decided to hang out around the tunnel of sakura by the moat and people-watch/sakura-watch to my heart's content. It seems like the sakura are almost fully bloomed today. 

Can't wait for more sakura adventures tomorrow


Spring, you little beauty.

Somehow we made it through the winter with relative ease this year. As soon as the days became warm again, the months of frozen fingers, heat-tech thermals and hot water bottles were instantly forgotten. What a blessing this sunshine is! We are on the very brink of sakura season here in Fukuoka and I am waiting patiently for the buds of dreamy pink to burst open all over the city. Sakura are forecast to bloom in the next few days, but in the meantime it's hard to resist getting out in the sunshine. Today I took a walk to a nearby hilltop shrine called Atago Jinja. There are 2,000 cherry trees there waiting to blossom. I have a feeling I'll be going back later this week.

I love the suburban area near the shrine, especially the houses that sit on the rather steep hill leading up to Atago.