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Cute fruit bus stops in Isahaya, Nagasaki

On our recent road trip, we passed through a city in Nagasaki Prefecture called Isahaya, where the bus stops are shaped like FRUIT. Massive strawberries, melons, and the like. We stopped the car multiple times so I could run out and take photos of them. I'm glad we did so I can share them with you. 

Some aspects of Japan lose their "kawaii" sheen after living here for three years, but every now and then you come across something ridiculously cute and inimitably Japanese which restores the wonder. 

Isahaya City, everyone....



chasing waterfalls, amakusa - unzen

My Australian primary school friend is in Japan and her first stop was Kyushu, so over the long weekend we took a little (big) roadtrip together. We camped two nights, one in Amakusa, Kumamoto and one in Unzen, Nagasaki. We swam in the ocean and lots of waterfalls, explored unchartered territory (i.e. places that Kamil and I haven't visited) and passed through a town with enormous fruit shaped bus stops - more on that in a separate post! Japanese summer holiday photos to follow...