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sakura 2014

This year I got a bad case of influenza right around the time sakura were blooming in Fukuoka. It kept me in bed for 6 days, but luckily at the end of it there was still some time to sneak in some ohanami (flower viewing). It's our third year in Japan and it is still as magical as ever. 



spring cleaning



yanagawa by bike

Yanagawa is famous for its boat rides on the canals, but we've already done that once so we returned to explore by bicycle on Saturday. Perfect weather, lovely little place. 


surf's up fukuoka

Sunday at Mitoma Beach, Fukuoka. Spring is here!



birthday gifting

For my super lovely friend in Fukuoka's birthday I sewed some ajisai flower petals and ice-creams onto a sweet jumper, and gave it along with a great art print, and some ahcahcum socks.

I also got myself a little som'thin' som'thin' from my favourite shop Once a Month. 



on the road again

My big brother came to visit with a friend from NZ who was travelling in Japan. My brother works in Tokyo, so it's always great when he can come down to Fukuoka on a weekend trip. We rented a car and travelled around Fukuoka's coastline through Karatsu to Takeo on day one, and to the Nagasaki Biopark on day two. That's where we met capybara - a dream come true.